About Kerry

For the past 23 years, Kerry Hetherington has been a proud Snellville resident and an active volunteer. Kerry believes strongly in giving back and working to expand the sense of community.

Since 2011, she has been an consistent volunteer with the Snellville
Tourism and Trade Association (STAT). In 2017, the Snellville City
Council appointed her to the Snellville Arts Commission, and in 2020, she
was appointed to the Snellville Planning Commission. Subsequently,
members of the Commission elected her chairwoman. She regularly attends
city council meetings and is very conversant with all the issues facing the city.

Kerry’s long-term membership and volunteering at Snellville’s Grace Fellowship
Church is another aspect of her giving back to the community. In her volunteer
activities at the church, and at the city, Kerry has called on her professional
experience as a Clinic Coordinator and Financial Counselor for Northside Hospital to make sure her efforts had the greatest positive impact. The desire for positive impact was the motivation that inspired Kerry to volunteer for the Planning Commission. According to Kerry, “I volunteered for the Commission because
Snellville is growing and with growth comes change. I wanted to help guide the growth because I believe that Snellville is well on its way to being a city that has space, opportunity and community for all, and I am committed to working toward that goal.

Although final decisions are made by the City Council, I believe that our Planning Commission decisions have played an important role in Council’s review of applications for new developments.As the first phase of Snellville’s new downtown nears completion, it opens a new chapter for the city and the City Council. I’m running for City Council Post 2 because I believe it’s vital for the city’s future success to have that position filled by someone who understands the planning and zoning process and who is focused on the concerns of all citizens. I have a proven ability to work harmoniously with the other council members, which is essential for achieving the best results for the city.